Monday, 8 April 2013

My Revision Tips

I know this isn't beauty related, like the rest of my blog, but I thought I'd do a post on my revision tips as I'm revising for my Standard Grades at the moment! Everyone has their own ways of remembering things, but these are the things that work for me!

1.Ditch your laptop and phone! I get so easily distracted, so having a laptop or phone near me always ends up distracting me from my revision. I always have to hand my phone and laptop over to my parents so that I have no possible distractions.

2.Organise yourself. I'm an organised freak when it comes to revision and schoolwork. I find that having everything in place and having easy access to all your schoolwork allows you to get on with your work without losing anything. I organise all my schoolwork by subject and by topic, I make sure that throughout the school year I keep to my organisation arrangement. This means that by the time it comes to having to revise I have everything in place and ready to be used.

3.Do lots of past papers. Most exams are basically the same questions, but with the words or numbers mixed about. This means that there is almost a format to most exam papers. By doing past papers you get used to this and you basically know what to do for any question that they hit you with!

4.Start Early. I must admit, I've not stuck to this tip myself. I'm the best person at procrastinating, so I kept delaying the start of my revision. This has now backfired as I have so little time, and so much to revise. So learn from my mistake, and put away your laptop/phone or whatever your reading this on and get revising ha ha!

5.Give yourself rewards. I find that by telling myself, if I do a few hours of revision I can read some blog posts and watch some youtube videos. I find this works as you have something to look forward to, so it makes revision a little bit better.

6. Get exiting stationary. This may sound a little bit weird, but when I have fun pens and cool highlighters it makes studying a little bit more enjoyable. Adding a little colour to your revision notes makes things a little more fun.

7.Get motivated. Tell yourself that you're not going to do well in your exams if you sit about and do nothing. You can only achieve good grades if you try, so do something about it and get working! I have to constantly remind myself about this, because I am pretty lazy.

So, those are my basic tips on revision. Tell me what you think about this type of non-beauty related post. Let me know if you have any good tips on revision, as I could use any extra advice I can get haha! Also, you may see less posts from me in the near future as I will have my exams and I'm sticking to my laptop or phone. But don't worry, I'll be back with more posts than ever once my exams are done. Thanks for reading!



  1. These are great tips I always reward myself by watching youtube videos but always ending spending hours on youtube! Oh and in my galaxy nail post I used a mixture of rimmel pulsating 619, rimmel green with envy 819, barry m 289 gold on top of barry m black 47 then finished with a topcoat of l.a colours sassy sparkle x

    1. Thank you! And I'm the same ha ha! Thanks, I'll definitely be trying it out. It gives such a pretty effect! Such a good idea! X