Sunday, 25 August 2013

France & Rome Haul!

How could I go to France and Rome and not get skincare and makeup products? I had to! The french pharmacies are filled with amazing products with even better prices, and with Sephora on the cards, I was in heaven.

Bioderma Crealine H2O
Firstly, I had to get my hands on some Bioderma Craline H2O! It was around €13 for this bottle, which is great considering you can get the same one in the UK on amazon for £22! After hearing so many good things about it I had high hopes.  I'm already in love. It takes off my makeup so much better than my Simple makeup remover. I'm now left with the question of, why didn't I get more? Has anyone seen this available in the UK for cheaper than on amazon?

Embryolisse Labarotoires-Crème Concentre 
Next up was another french pharmacy purchase, Embryolisse Laboratoires Lait-Crème Concentre. This is a moisturiser that I had heard a lot about. I've used it a few times now and I think it sits really well under foundation.

OPI nailpolish in You're Such a Budapest

Make-up Forever HD powder

Sephora, Sephora, Sephora...I could honestly buy the whole shop. Why does Scotland not have one?! I went in with my french cousin, she waited patiently as I excited over everything! She had to retain me and I only bought one thing! That's an achievement. I thought I'd try something that is not available in the UK so I got the Makeup Forever HD powder. Sephora were doing 10% off that day too, so I think I got it for something along the lines of €24. I've used it a few times now and I'm impressed! It doesn't cake up, the powder is so fine yet it stops me from being all oily. Although I did only buy one thing myself in Sephora, my auntie went in with me one day and she got me a little treat as a part of my birthday present, an OPI nailpolish in You're Such a Budapest. I love this colour so much!

I had recently heard of an italian brand called KIKO, so when I went to Rome I searched for their shop. When I finally found it I was surprised. The prices are so good, yet the quality feels great! The shop itself was pretty tiny and there was a sale on so it was mobbed. I could hardly move and it was so warm and stuffy, so I quickly grabbed their Long Lasting Shadow Stick in shade 06 and ran for the till. I'm soooo glad I picked this up. It's so creamy and stays on the lids all day! It was so cheap as well, only €7 I think. KIKO now have a store in London I believe and you can buy their things online too. I'm definitely going to get more, I'm intrigued by this brand! 

If you want to see a post about my trip to Rome, click here! I loved it! Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think about them?


Sunday, 18 August 2013

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do.

I've not written a post in so long. I've actually been gone most of summer and not really had time to write *please forgive me*. I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my holiday in Rome. I've been to Italy many times before but this was my first time in Rome. I couldn't have imagined it to be as beautiful as it was. Italy is by far my favourite country. I love the food, the people and the beautiful architecture!

This was the view from the plane as you entered Rome. Ahhh, having some holiday blues.

The is the view from the top of the spanish steps as the sun went down. The bottom of the spanish steps is famous for it's shopping. I must say I was in heaven.

The view looking down over the forum. As you can probably tell it was like 37 degrees, which is very warm for someone from Scotland.

This of course is the Colosseum. 

The walk through the Forum, which was like a marketplace for the Romans.

I thought I would insert a little picture of the best Gelato, this flavour was extra dark chocolate with italian lemon custard. Excuse the chipped nail polish.

I hope you all had a great summer. What did you all get up to? 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June Wishlist

1.Mac Lipstick in Sweet and Sour 2.Topshop dress 3.Laura Mercier Candle 4. Mac Club Eyeshadow
It's time for my june wish list! I saw most of these items when I was shopping this weekend and I had to retain myself. 

1.Mac Lipstick in Sweet and Sour £14-This lipstick is from the All About Orange range in Mac. It's soooo pretty. I tried it on in the Mac shop this weekend and fell in love. It's a really natural orange colour and is really creamy. I definitely want to get this before it is out of stock, as it is limited edition.

2.Topshop MOTO Acid Denim Dress £36-I saw this dress in Topshop and was instantly drawn to it. There was only one in my size, so I quickly grabbed it and ran for the changing rooms. As I tried it on I noticed it had a massive rip down the back. It was a shame as it fitted me so well and was so flattering. I'm going to get this online and use my 10% student discount!

3.Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Candle £29(on sale in Frasers for £14.50)-For my mums christmas I got her the Laura Mercier Candle set as one of her presents. She's been burning them around the house and they smell so lovely. My favourite is the Fresh Fig, as I feel like it's an all year round scent. I've never been able to justify spending £29 on a candle, so as it's on sale for £14.50 I really want to pick it up.

4.Mac Eyeshadow in Club £10-I've been eyeing this eyeshadow up for a while. It's probably the prettiest colour I've ever seen, I could look at it forever! It's a brown colour, but when under light it has a petrol iridescence. I think this will be the next colour I add to my Mac palette. 

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty Haul

Loreal telescopic mascara | Revlon lip butter | Mac palette with brule eye shadow | real techniques expert face brush | maybelline gel eyeliner | Collection lasting perfection concealer

Sorry I've not made an appearance on my blog for so long! I'm back with a haul. Boots were doing buy one get one free so I got a few bits and bobs!

Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Magnetic Black, £10.99-I've heard Vivianna Does Makeup rave about this and as I was running out of mascara I thought I'd try this. I love the brush, it's plastic with lots of small bristles.

Juicy Papya

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya and Lollipop, £7.99-After hearing about these for ages and not getting any, as I saw them in boots I had to swatch them I was amazed. They're sooooo creamy and really pigmented. Since it's summer time, I thought I'd get out of my comfort zone and go for some bolder colours. I tried them as soon as I bought them and I'm already in love.

Mac pro palette, £6.50 & Mac eyeshadow in Brule, £10-I'm a massive fan of Mac eyeshadows and I've only ever had singles. I decided it was time to start an everyday quad as it would be so much more practical. I also decided to get Brule as I thought it would be a great start for a neutrals palette. It's a matt creamy colour and is a good all over lid colour. I'd quite like to de-pot my satin taupe eyeshadow and put it in my palette as it's my favourite. However, I've heard they're so hard to depot. If anyone has done it before, was it easy and does it ruin your eyeshadow?

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £9.99-I finally got my hands on this! I've been looking for this brush for a while but it has always been out of stock when I've tried to get it. I already love this brush, I used it this morning to apply my foundation and it made my face look so flawless! It's so soft and buffs all your foundation into your skin to give you a natural finish.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner, £7.99- I've never been that much of an eyeliner fan. My hands always get all shaky and wobbly when I try to apply it. I had kind of given up on liquid eyeliner, so I was wanting to try gel eyeliner. I heard people talk about this and how amazing it is. Since I'm probably not going to use gel eyeliner that often, I thought I'd get a cheaper one instead of buying something expensive that I might not want to use. The eyeliner came with a brush, so I'm going to try it with that brush and see how it goes. Wish me good luck haha!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair, £4.19-This concealer is amazing. I know you've all probably heard about this somewhere. It's a concealer you can use to conceal everything. I use it for blemishes and under-eye circles. I can never find my colour in stores as it is always out of stock, however I asked in boots and someone who works there went to get it for me in the store room. So if you have the same problem as me, just ask someone if they have any.

P.S, sorry I've not done my monthly favourites yet. I think it's probably too late now so I might have to skip a month.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Iced Tea!

The weather has been really nice in Scotland recently, so I tried making my favourite summer drink, ICED TEA! I'm obsessed with tea, especially iced tea. My iced tea actually went well, so I thought I would share it with you.

 So you'll need some Lady Grey Tea or English Breakfast Tea or Green Tea, whatever you like (I used Lady Grey Tea); agave syrup or caster sugar (choose whatever, it doesn't really make a difference); half a lemon; LOADS of ice.

Now to the preparation. Firstly, I half filled a jug with boiling water and three tea bags. I left the tea bags for around four minutes then removed them. After I squeezed the lemon into the jug. I then filled the jug 3/4 of the way with cold water to speed up the cooling process. Once that was done, I kept added heaps of ice into the jug to rise the water level to the top and to allow the tea to cool down.  Now I added some agave syrup until the tea was sweet enough for me. I then served up the tea in a glass filled with ice.

Let me know if you try this out. You always have to make the most of the sunny weather in Scotland, as it never lasts long!


Thursday, 9 May 2013

May Wishlist

1.Topshop Sandals 2.Longchamp Bag 3.Michael Todd Charcoal Cleanser 4.Clarins Liquid Bronze 5. Topshop Dress

I thought I would try a different type of post today, a monthly wishlist post. These are some of my favourite posts to read, so I thought I'd give it a bash!

1.Topshop Forward Vintage Sandals £36- These sandals are so cute! I always gravitate towards the Topshop sandals. It's almost a tradition now that I get a pair of topshop sandals every year around summer time. They're just so comfy and last ages. This style is just so classic and will go with all my summer clothes.

2.Longchamps Le Pilage Bag £72- I've been eyeing this beauty up for a while now. It's such a classic handbag. I love Longchamp, their bags are so timeless. This size of bag is perfect for me to take everything I need, but not carry too much. I think this will be a great bag to go shopping with. 

3. Michael Todd Detox Charcoal Cleanser $24- I've heard almost every beauty blogger rave about Michael Todd, which is an american organic skincare brand. I've never tried anything by them, so I'd love to try this cleanser as I've heard it's great for teenage skin.  

4.Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner £18- Since it's getting a little sunnier in Scotland, I feel its time that I get my tan on haha! I'm so pale, so fake tan is hard to get right on me. I'm always looking for new solutions to make my skin look nice and bronzed for summer. Recently I saw that Vivianna, from viviannadoesmakeup, did a review on this. She said it was good, and I always go by her word!

5.Topshop Petite 60s Lace Panel Dress £46- As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. This is actually so pretty. I love the 60s look to it, and the little cut out details. This will be perfect for summer! I buy a lot from the Topshop petite range, as I'm quite slim and they have sizes which fit me well. I can't get over how cute this will look in summer!

I'm almost done my exams, yipeeeeee. I only have two to go. As soon as my exams are over, I'm going to go on a massive shop to celebrate. Nothing like a little bitta shopping therapy!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Favourites

So this month has been pretty hectic. Schoolwork has basically taken over my life! I'm midway through my exams at the moment, I finish on the 15th of May, can't wait! Anyway, I've not been putting on too much makeup this month as I've either been studying at home in sweats or in school doing an exam. However, I do still have a few things I've been loving.

MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe
MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe

MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe £12- This eyeshadow is fantastic. Definitely my favourite Mac eyeshadow at the moment. It's a cool toned brown with some mauve undertones (aka taupe), and it has a little bit of silvery shimmer. Not too shimmery though, it's more of a shine. It looks great on its own or as a lid colour, or even a crease colour. This has a lovely velvety texture which blends so well! I think it's a must have for any neutral fanatic like me!

Rimmel Stay Matt Powder in Transparent £3.99- So, I finally jumped on the band-waggon and bought this early in April. It's really good for the price! Not the best powder, but amazing for £3.99. It does the job for me, keeping me shine-free all day long. I just press a little bit of this of with a Bareminerals brush along the t-zone to stop me from being an oily mess! The packaging does feel cheap but for the price that is understandable. But for the price, why not!?

Sephora's Express Nail Polish Remover €7.90- This is the best nail polish remover I've ever used! I started using this ages ago, but this month I've been loving it even more as it's so quick and easy to use. On the inside of this little tub there is a sponge which you wipe your finger against and it instantly removes all your nailpolish. It also smells so good, it leaves you with fruity smelling nails. For anyone else in britain, you can't get a hold of this. I stock up on mine every year when I'm in France. There are a few dupes for these that are available in britain. Bourjois have one that is available in boots for £4.99, Nails Inc also have one that you can buy on their website for £7.00.

Maybeline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in 35 On and On Bronze
Maybeline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in 35 On and On Bronze

Maybeline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in 35 On and On Bronze £4.99- These are amazing! They are an exact dupe for the MAC paint pots. This colour is so pretty and looks great as a base for a dramatic eye, or on its own for a whop of colour. It's a lovely brown toned bronze with a metalic shine to it. I love the texture of these, they're so creamy but dry almost powdery. This also has staying power, so it lasts all day!

 Thanks for reading. What have your favourites been this month? 

Saturday, 20 April 2013


So I made a Wantworthy a while ago and I thought I would show it to you guys! I love this website it's amazing for making my own little wish lists. I'm someone who loves organisation, so this is perfect for me as you can make different wish lists. I have a beauty, summer clothes and room wish list. This website allows you to have a little tab above your tabs on safari, I'm not sure how it works on PCs but, on my macbook I have a little tab which I click whilst online shopping and it quickly adds whatever I'm wanting to add to my list. I thought Wantworthy would also be a good way of sharing the things I love to you. Plus, I have not really shown my style yet to you guys, so this would be a perfect way for you to check out the clothes I'm dying to buy! So, If you would like to see what's on my Wantworthy click here!

If any of you have a Wantworthy feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments,  I'd love to look at yours! Hope you are all having a fabby weekend. The weather is so lovely today in scotland for a change! I have my first exam next thurday. I'm so nervous. Fingers crossed the studying pays off!


Monday, 8 April 2013

March Favourites

This month has gone by so quickly, I'm not liking it as I have exams soon, ahhhh!   Anyway, I thought I'd bring to you my first ever monthly favourites!

Nspa Hot Cloth Polish- This is amazing. It's a lovely cleanser that works beauties on my skin. It worked as a miracle treatment for me after I had a crazy breakout. It has a lovely texture and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It also smells amazing, which is a plus. It's also pretty cheap, you can pick up one of these for £7, or two for £8. I wrote a full review on this, so if you would like more details about this click here.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser & Nars Sheer Glow Foundation- So, this month I have been mixing these two products together to create the perfect foundation! Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (you can read my full review on this product here) has a medium to full coverage, it gives a lovely glow, and sits on my face perfectly! Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturiser is my favourite tinted moisturiser, it is amazing! It has a light coverage, gives a luminous look to the skin and corrects any redness in the skin, what more can you look for in a tinted moisturiser!! This month I've not wanted too much coverage, but I've still been feeling like I've needed a tad more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. So, by mixing these two products together I've been creating a moisturising foundation with the perfect coverage which gives a lovely glow, which I've been needing since the weather here has been awful! This combo is honestly perfect!
OPI Over The Taupe

OPI Over The Taupe- This isn't the normal kind of nail polish I'd typically pick out in spring, but since the weather has been a bit more wintery I've been reaching for this a lot. I love this, it's a lovely taupe colour (as the name suggests) which looks stunning with most outfits. It is a really sophisticated colour which is a pretty neutral, so I love it!
Lancome Rouge in Love in Rose The

Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in Rose Thé-I bought this lipstick last summer and was obsessed with it for a while. Since then, I kind of forgot about it and it got lost within my collection. This month, I started using it again and once again...I'm obsessed! The packaging is beautiful and the formula is amazing. It's so pigmented and creamy. The colour is a sort of dark peachy nude, my kinda nude! It's perfect for those days when you want to pop on a bit of concealer, mascara and a lip colour which will automatically brighten up your face. It's a "your lips but better" kind of lippy! I really can't fault it.

I hope you liked this post! What have you been loving this month?


My Revision Tips

I know this isn't beauty related, like the rest of my blog, but I thought I'd do a post on my revision tips as I'm revising for my Standard Grades at the moment! Everyone has their own ways of remembering things, but these are the things that work for me!

1.Ditch your laptop and phone! I get so easily distracted, so having a laptop or phone near me always ends up distracting me from my revision. I always have to hand my phone and laptop over to my parents so that I have no possible distractions.

2.Organise yourself. I'm an organised freak when it comes to revision and schoolwork. I find that having everything in place and having easy access to all your schoolwork allows you to get on with your work without losing anything. I organise all my schoolwork by subject and by topic, I make sure that throughout the school year I keep to my organisation arrangement. This means that by the time it comes to having to revise I have everything in place and ready to be used.

3.Do lots of past papers. Most exams are basically the same questions, but with the words or numbers mixed about. This means that there is almost a format to most exam papers. By doing past papers you get used to this and you basically know what to do for any question that they hit you with!

4.Start Early. I must admit, I've not stuck to this tip myself. I'm the best person at procrastinating, so I kept delaying the start of my revision. This has now backfired as I have so little time, and so much to revise. So learn from my mistake, and put away your laptop/phone or whatever your reading this on and get revising ha ha!

5.Give yourself rewards. I find that by telling myself, if I do a few hours of revision I can read some blog posts and watch some youtube videos. I find this works as you have something to look forward to, so it makes revision a little bit better.

6. Get exiting stationary. This may sound a little bit weird, but when I have fun pens and cool highlighters it makes studying a little bit more enjoyable. Adding a little colour to your revision notes makes things a little more fun.

7.Get motivated. Tell yourself that you're not going to do well in your exams if you sit about and do nothing. You can only achieve good grades if you try, so do something about it and get working! I have to constantly remind myself about this, because I am pretty lazy.

So, those are my basic tips on revision. Tell me what you think about this type of non-beauty related post. Let me know if you have any good tips on revision, as I could use any extra advice I can get haha! Also, you may see less posts from me in the near future as I will have my exams and I'm sticking to my laptop or phone. But don't worry, I'll be back with more posts than ever once my exams are done. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nspa Hot Cloth Polish

I've heard so many amazing things about Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser however, at a price of £27 I couldn't quite justify buying it. I'm quite lazy about my skincare routine, and I don't like the fuss of some products. Therefore I thought it would just end up getting chucked in the back of a drawer, like many of the other cleansers I've given up on. However; a few weeks ago whilst on a trip to Asda I spotted Nspa's Hot Cloth Polish. It looked so similar to Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser, and for the price of £7, I just had to get it! 

I've been using it for around a month now and I love love love it! My skin feels amazing after using it and it has been a miracle treatment for me as it managed to clear a crazy breakout I had. It's a quick and easy step which I feel benefits my skin. I've been using this every night after having taken off my makeup with the Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion, and after having taken a shower. I feel that when I'm using this I don't have to wash my face with a cleanser in the shower as it cleans my skin well. When using it, I massage it onto my skin and then remove the product with the muslin cloth that comes with it and warm water. I then apply my Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance(my favourite moisturiser), which soaks into the skin really well after using the Hot Cloth Polish. I also sometimes use it in the morning when I have enough time (I'm usually running about my house in the morning before school, as I always get up late haha).  

This cleanser is honestly amazing, and for the price, I don't see why not to buy it! You can find this in Asda, as it is exclusive to them. It is usually on promotion there at 2 for £8. So you get an extra bottle for £1, which is really good! I had never heard of this brand before, but I will definitely be trying out more of their products.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Beauty Haul

So recently I went on a little shopping trip with my sister so of course, I had to pick up a few beauty goodies!!

Nars Blush in Douceur
NARS Blush in Douceur £21.50-This is honestly gorgeous! I love Nars and I'm always wowed by their products, so as I passed the Nars counter I couldn't help but try on this pretty colour. The lovely lady at the counter sat me down and put this on me. It is honestly beautiful. It instantly added warmth to my face and made my skin look more radiant. I love the quality of the packaging, like all other Nars products it is done to a high quality. It's pretty pricey for a blush, but it's honestly lovely. I have a really pale complexion, so I seem to struggle to find a blush thats not too overwhelming on me. However this one seems to do the job perfectly!

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee £3.99-The hype for these nail polishes has been crazy, so I had to try one of these out. I thought I'd play it safe and get a creamy nude colour. However the colour selection is pretty summery and bright. These nail-polishes apparently meant to give your nails a gel nail effect. Barry M nail-polishes are also at a very reasonable price therefore I thought I might as well give it a bash! I have high hopes for this Nail Paint!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Let Me Pop
MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Let Me Pop £14.50-As soon as I saw MAC were bringing out some new colours of Paint Pots I got all giddy! This is a wonderful colour, it's so shimmery! It's a coppery colour, but I don't find it too orange. I love the way these Paint Pots sit on the eye and last all day. They're great for a quick everyday whop of colour but are also great as an eyeshadow base. They have such a creamy texture which sets to give you a great shimmery finish. I have worn this a few times already and I found it worked best when applied with a MAC 217 brush. So far, I can't fault this gorgeous creamy colour!

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse £5.99-I had high expectations for this, after having seen it all over beauty guru's blogs or youtube videos. After trying it a few times I must say I am pretty disappointed. I'm not a big fan of it's texture, it's a weird mix between a creamy lipstick and a lipgloss. I also find the smell of the product quite sickly and sweet. So far, I'm not impressed. The colour I picked out (Nude Eclipse) seems to wash me out. It's a lot lighter than my natural lip colour and more orangey, therefore I don't find that it does anything for me. I do however love the pigmentation of it, the colour comes out so bold! I think I will maybe try this out in a brighter colour. It is also really affordable, so I think, in a different colour, it is worth the money!

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any recommendations for me, feel free to tell me. 


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

An Update: A Little Bit About This Blog

As you can probably already see, I started up this blog a little while ago. I have always been obsessed with blogs, therefore, I started up this blog, celinelovesbeauty.

I have not posted in a little while recently, as I have been overloaded with school-work, however I am hoping I will soon be posting once a week(on a Sunday or Wednesday).

I would love if you guys could check out my previous posts and tell me what you think, as I am new to this. Also if you have any ideas for future posts please let me know in the comments! 
 Thanks, CELINE XO

Monday, 11 February 2013

Five Top Nailpolishes of 2012

1.OPI-skyfall 2.OPI-Gouda Gouda Two Shoes 3.OPI-Big Apple Red 4.Opi-The World is Not Enough 5.Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink
Nothing makes me feel better than putting on a little bit of nail polish, so today I am bringing to you my five favourite nail polishes.

1.I have absolutely loved OPI's Skyfall collection. This is one of my favourite shades, Skyfall. It is a deep browny red, that has a sort of toned down vampy look. I have had so much use out of this during the winter months. I love wearing this on my nails when I'm wearing blacks and beiges. I think it compliments every skin tone and looks so warm on the nails. 

2.Next on my 2012 faves is OPI's Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. This is creamy pink with gold, coraly reflects. Most people would probably think of this as a summery/autumny shade, however this is perfect for winter. For me, this pink is an all year colour, I love it. 

3.OPI's big apple red, is the classic red. I could not make a five top nailpolishes and not include this. For me, it's the perfect red. It's so bright and adds a pop of colour to a plain outfit. This is one of OPI's classic nailpolishes and I've heard so many people rave about it. I had so much use out of this throughout the whole of 2012 as it was my staple red. I cannot recommend this enough!

4. As soon as I saw The World is Not Enough in the Skyfall collection I fell in love. I could not stop imagining how beautiful it would look for Hogmany and throughout the whole festive season. It defintiely did live up to my expectations. It is such a pretty silvery/bronze colour with lots of shimmer. I got so many compliments when wearing this during winter 2012. I wouldn't really wear this during summer as it's too festive, however I will definitely popping this out again next winter.

5.Last but not least is Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink. This is the cutest pink, and perfect for spring and summer. It's a bright pink with some baby pink reflects. It's not too bright, but still gives a cute pop of colour to your nails.

As you can probably tell, I do love OPI nail polishes. They are so long lasting and don't take that long to dry. Before applying my fave OPI nailpolishes I usually pop on a base coat. All the Skyfall collection nailpolishes are limited edition, so try get them as soon as you can (Harvey Nichols has the two nailpolishes from the Skyfall collection that I mentioned earlier in stock). The one downfall to OPI nailpolishes is that they are sometimes quite hard to get a hold of in Scotland. I highly recommend that you splurge and buy one of these fab nailpolishes. At around £11, they are really expensive but they are honestly amazing!!


please let me know what you think about this post in the comments!

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

The review-a new favourite

At  last, I have caved in and purchased the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. After hearing so many beauty gurus rave about this stuff, I finally decided to try it out. I am a sucker for everything Nars, however I had yet to try one of their foundations, and this did not fail to exceed my expectations.

For me, this stuff does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a dewy, medium-full coverage foundation, which gives a glow.  However, I am not very sure how Nars came up with the "sheer" in the name, as this foundation is definitely not sheer. I love the creamy texture and the overall finish is perfect for me. I love how it doesn't feel cakey, yet still leaves a flawless finish. It is also very build-able, which means you can either go for a lighter day-time finish or a fuller night-time finish. I do find however, that this foundation does not sit well on dry areas, as it seems to make them look even drier. Nars do advertise this for dry skin, but I think it is more suited to someone with combination-slightly oily skin. Extremely oily people should definitely not invest in this as it might cross the line of oiliness for you, however there is also a matte version which may be more suited for oily skin. 

Paired with a little bit of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil down the T-zone and a tad concealer on any blemishes, this makes the perfect base. It lasts for the whole day without re-powdering. For me, this is the perfect winter foundation as it gives me that little healthy glow which my pale skin lacks over the winter months. It's so easy to get your hands on one of these, however they do come at the price of £29.50. This is a little bit on the pricey side, however I do think that you get your moneys worth. This foundation does not come with a pump, which is really impractical however you can purchase one for the price of £3. With 20 shades, it's also really easy to find the perfect shade. I wear the shade Mont Blanc which is the second lightest shade. Nars Sheer Glow foundation=flawless winter skin.