Monday, 11 March 2013

Beauty Haul

So recently I went on a little shopping trip with my sister so of course, I had to pick up a few beauty goodies!!

Nars Blush in Douceur
NARS Blush in Douceur £21.50-This is honestly gorgeous! I love Nars and I'm always wowed by their products, so as I passed the Nars counter I couldn't help but try on this pretty colour. The lovely lady at the counter sat me down and put this on me. It is honestly beautiful. It instantly added warmth to my face and made my skin look more radiant. I love the quality of the packaging, like all other Nars products it is done to a high quality. It's pretty pricey for a blush, but it's honestly lovely. I have a really pale complexion, so I seem to struggle to find a blush thats not too overwhelming on me. However this one seems to do the job perfectly!

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee £3.99-The hype for these nail polishes has been crazy, so I had to try one of these out. I thought I'd play it safe and get a creamy nude colour. However the colour selection is pretty summery and bright. These nail-polishes apparently meant to give your nails a gel nail effect. Barry M nail-polishes are also at a very reasonable price therefore I thought I might as well give it a bash! I have high hopes for this Nail Paint!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Let Me Pop
MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Let Me Pop £14.50-As soon as I saw MAC were bringing out some new colours of Paint Pots I got all giddy! This is a wonderful colour, it's so shimmery! It's a coppery colour, but I don't find it too orange. I love the way these Paint Pots sit on the eye and last all day. They're great for a quick everyday whop of colour but are also great as an eyeshadow base. They have such a creamy texture which sets to give you a great shimmery finish. I have worn this a few times already and I found it worked best when applied with a MAC 217 brush. So far, I can't fault this gorgeous creamy colour!

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse £5.99-I had high expectations for this, after having seen it all over beauty guru's blogs or youtube videos. After trying it a few times I must say I am pretty disappointed. I'm not a big fan of it's texture, it's a weird mix between a creamy lipstick and a lipgloss. I also find the smell of the product quite sickly and sweet. So far, I'm not impressed. The colour I picked out (Nude Eclipse) seems to wash me out. It's a lot lighter than my natural lip colour and more orangey, therefore I don't find that it does anything for me. I do however love the pigmentation of it, the colour comes out so bold! I think I will maybe try this out in a brighter colour. It is also really affordable, so I think, in a different colour, it is worth the money!

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any recommendations for me, feel free to tell me. 


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

An Update: A Little Bit About This Blog

As you can probably already see, I started up this blog a little while ago. I have always been obsessed with blogs, therefore, I started up this blog, celinelovesbeauty.

I have not posted in a little while recently, as I have been overloaded with school-work, however I am hoping I will soon be posting once a week(on a Sunday or Wednesday).

I would love if you guys could check out my previous posts and tell me what you think, as I am new to this. Also if you have any ideas for future posts please let me know in the comments! 
 Thanks, CELINE XO